What Is A Pneumatic System vs. Hydraulic?

A pneumatic system operates under the same principles as a hydraulic system, however a pneumatic system utilizes a gas rather than a liquid. Compressed air is generally used, although nitrogen or other inert gasses can also be utilized for certain applications. With pneumatics, free air is typically drawn into a compressor where it is compressed and then stored in a receiving tank. The receiver holds a vast volume of compressed air to be consumed by the pneumatics framework as required. Environmental air contains airborne particles, water vapor, and various other contaminants, so filters and air dryers are regularly utilized as a part of a pneumatics framework to keep compressed air clean and dry. This enhances the dependability and service life of the various components of the pneumatic system. A pneumatics framework also utilizes an assortment of valves and regulators for controlling direction, pressure, and speed of actuators.

Most pneumatic systems work at pressures of around 100 psi or less, which is typically much lower than hydraulic systems. Due to the lower pressure, pneumatic cylinders and actuators can achieve the same force as their hydraulic counterparts by either being larger in diameter, or by utilizing more than one cylinder in tandem. For instance, a hydraulic cylinder with a 2 in. diameter piston (3.14 sq. in. area) and fluid pressure of 1,000 psi can push with 3140 lbs. of force. A pneumatic cylinder using 100 psi air would need a bore diameter of almost 6½ in. (33 sq. in.) to develop the same force.

Despite the fact that pneumatic frameworks typically work at much lower pressure than hydraulic frameworks do, pneumatics holds many favorable circumstances that make it more appropriate for many applications. Since pneumatic pressures are lower, parts can be made of thinner and lighter weight materials, for example, aluminum and composite plastics, while hydraulic components are for the most part made of steel and iron. Hydraulic frameworks are regularly viewed as rigid due to the inelasticity of liquids, while pneumatic frameworks typically offer some padding, or "give" due to the elasticity of gasses. Pneumatic frameworks are by and large less complex since air can be exhausted to the atmosphere, while hydraulic liquids are more often than not directed back to the supply reservoir. To read more from NFPA "National Fluid Power Association" What are Pneumatics?

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Take A Ride On Pneumatic Air Cylinders In Virtual Reality!

Just when you think of it all, pneumatic air cylinders finds it way into virtual reality. According to Hydraulics and Pneumatics, there are new ideas integrating pneumatic air cylinders with the gaming world Article from Hydraulics and Pneumatics. Their simulation studies with engineers and a unique company producing these air cylinders, really can make a difference in the virtual reality (VR) world. Here at Greenco/Duramaster, we offer a wide range of air cylinders to meet many applications. Our pneumatic linear actuators See Full Product Line are already in some of the most famous theme parks and manufacturers in the world. How can we help with your next air cylinder application?

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Packaging Hotline Magazine Features The Duramaster Product Line And NFPA Cylinders For November 2015!

Duramaster NFPA cylinders are proud to be featured on the front page of Packaging Hotline Magazine in the November 2015 issue Packaging Hotline. We have seen a steady increase in the amount of usage in our NFPA Cylinders throughout the packaging industry. When manufacturers see the difference in Duramaster NFPA cylinders versus our competitors quality, hands down they choose a Duramaster cylinder. Our units stand the test of time and reduce down time in the field. With key features such as over sized bronze bushings, Parker name brand seals and aluminum 6061 precision machined USA made components, it is no wonder our NFPA cylinders are the preferred choice in any industry. Do you have a special packaging application or other design you need help with? No problem, our engineers and customer service are ready to assist you just call 813-882-0040. You won't be disappointed with our quality Duramaster NFPA cylinders, read more about us in the NFPA Cylinders Featured Article!

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Pnuematic Cylinders vs Hydraulic Cylinders, Which To Choose?

The choice of whether to run our pnuematic cylinders hydraulically or pnuematically depends on the application. The operation of pnuematic cylinders tends to allow for faster motion, whereas hydraulic operation tends to allow for a very smooth and consistent motion, albeit at somewhat slower speeds. The service of pnuematic cylinders also has the advantage that in the event of a leak developing somewhere, only air would be escaping, (no liquid accumulates at the site of the leak as it does with hydraulic service). Periodic maintenance is also easier to perform on pnuematic cylinders, because they can easily be moved from the application to a work bench, without having to drain any hydraulic fluid. Here at Duramaster Cylinders we manufacture a vast array of NFPA Pnuematic Cylinders, options and accessories to fit the requirement of your application. Need hydraulic units versus pnuematic cylinders? No problem, our engineering team has over 60 years of combined experience and knowledge to help you with even the trickiest of applications. Call us today and let us know how we can assist you with your next pnuematic cylinders application.

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How Do You Size Hydraulic and Pneumatic NFPA Cylinders?

Why Should You Choose Duramaster NFPA Cylinders?

When sizing hydraulic and pneumatic NFPA cylinders, it is fairly straightforward to calculate how much force an air cylinder of a particular bore size will produce. Just multiply the effective area of the piston (in square inches) by the supply pressure (in pounds per square inch) and the result will be the force output of the cylinder (in pounds of force). The effective area of the piston can be obtained from our catalog, where we also provide pre-calculated forces for common supply pressures. Our NFPA Cylinders have proven to be top of the line, long lasting and have a 2 year warranty unlike some of our competitor's cheaper versions. Our friendly customer service and quick response time also stands out against some of the bigger competitors that can be challenging to work with. If you need help determining which of the NFPA cylinders are right for your application or we can assist with a sizing question, just give our engineering department a call at 813-882-0040. Our engineers have been designing and perfecting NFPA cylinders for over 45 years and would be glad to assist you.

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Want A Top Of The Line NFPA Cylinder?

Look No Further With Duramaster Cylinders!

There are many NFPA cylinder manufacturers that produce the same cylinder, with the same technical specs....however there can be many differences in the materials that each of the NFPA cylinder manufacturers use in their product. Whether made in the USA or especially product coming from overseas, know that there are many companies that use inferior raw materials and they are not the quality that would stand the test of time. Here at Duramaster Cylinders, we use nothing but the best materials to provide you with a top of the line NFPA cylinder that will out last our competitors hand downs. What stands us apart from others in the NFPA cylinder world? See why Duramaster NFPA Cylinders. We look forward to working with you on your next cylinder application.

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See the difference between Duramaster Cylinders vs Competitors

A Pneumatic Cylinder Actuator You Can Trust!

Compare Duramaster Rod Cylinders vs Our Competitors

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Articulated Jib with Cylinder

Application of a Duramaster NFPA Rod Cylinder on a Manipulator

The material handling industry is constantly developing end effectors and manipulators for gripping, lifting and rotating equipment.

Duramaster NFPA Rod cylinders can do the job with such options as pivot mounting and low friction service. If the rod cylinder will be used for opening and closing a gripper, low friction service is probably not required. However, if the rod cylinder will be balancing a load in a virtually weightless state, then the low friction option will ensure that the load moves easily. In addition to low friction seals and special piston groove dimensions, we further minimize the friction by using one piston seal instead of two. The resulting design has so little friction that the rod can slide out by gravity alone! However, double acting is available upon request.

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Cutaway Duramaster NFPA Cylinder

Duramaster Bucks the “Throw-Away Mentality”

How many times have you lamented the trend toward ever more short-cuts and ever-shorter product life for both consumer and industrial products? Sadly, too many of us have resigned ourselves to this. We buy products knowing they will fail in a short time, but feel we have no alternative, at least not at a reasonable cost.

Well, at Greenco’s Duramaster Division, we continue to believe in an uncompromising adherence to product quality, and we are happy to be the “Maytag repairmen” of our industry. We are pleased we won’t be taking calls on our product repair line from satisfied customers whose Duramaster products keep serving their needs year after year—it gives us more time to build new units for a growing customer base.

Duramaster’s NFPA-interchangeable tie rod cylinders, for example, are built with an eye to quality that is reflected in a careful manufacturing process and top-quality components from the inside to the outside—brass bushings, for example. Bucking the trend to cut corners, Duramaster continues to look for opportunities to upgrade these components over time. Stainless steel tie rods have recently been added as a standard feature for this product. We recently received an email from a customer who had taken delivery on an order of over 100 of these cylinders and who let us know that he was “very pleased” with the quality of the product.

Sales Manager John Schiestl explains that “disciplined materials purchasing has enabled Duramaster to maintain the very highest standards of quality without sacrificing its competitive pricing.” He adds that the importance of exceptional levels of service should not be overlooked. “Don’t be fooled by the large manufacturers who have led us to believe there is no alternative to buying cylinders that are mass-produced overseas. If there is a problem with those cylinders, who are you going to call? Who will help you figure out how to address the need for a special order? Will you find someone who will pay attention to you? At Duramaster, we believe our customers are not only buying a quality product, they are buying a customer relationship and a commitment to service.”

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