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When To Choose A Cable Cylinder vs. A Rod Cylinder!

When choosing a pneumatic or hydraulic actuator, it may not always be obvious at first whether to utilize a Rod Cylinder or a rodless Cable Cylinder. We were recently made aware of a manufacturer of an articulated lift which was at first designed around one type of cylinder, and then subsequently improved upon by changing it over to a different type of cylinder.

When a particular application presents itself, usually the goal is to either move something horizontally, or raise and lower it vertically. Sometimes the solution even requires a combination of motion in multiple directions. When a designer begins to consider the approach that they intend to take, in order to obtain the desired end result, they usually start with the mechanical arrangement that they intend to use, and then build upon that concept. They might start by imagining a rod cylinder performing the task, and once the design begins to take shape, they might never even consider how it might have turned out differently if a rodless cable cylinder had been chosen instead. Or they might start with a design in which a rodless cable cylinder is to perform the task at hand, and then perhaps never consider how a rod cylinder might have performed instead.

Sometimes there will come a time later in the product development process when certain changes in design are required. It is possible that, at that time, the question of whether to use a rod cylinder or a rodless cable cylinder is re-evaluated, or even evaluated for the first time.

For the case where a rodless cable cylinder was initially chosen, and then a rod cylinder is considered later, the improvement is usually to have a rigid rod rather than a flexible cable. Since rod cylinders have the benefit of a hardened rigid rod, this can sometimes offer an improvement over cables which, although flexible, can stretch or become damaged over time. For example, rod cylinders are not usually the first consideration for use as a hoisting apparatus, because the cable provided by rodless cylinders makes more sense in such an application. However, there may be times when a rod cylinder could offer an advantage.

On the other hand, there maybe times when a rod cylinder was initially chosen, and then later a rodless cable cylinder is considered as an improvement. In that case, one of the main benefits is usually to save space. Since rodless cable cylinders occupy approximately one half of the footprint space that a rod cylinder occupies, this would probably be the consideration which arises most often. Other benefits include the inclusion of a flexible cable which can be routed over pulleys for various mechanical advantages. While a cable and pulley arrangement is certainly something which could be added to a rod cylinder, a rodless cable cylinder has the additional benefit that the cable is already part of the design.

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Why Choose Quality Pnuematic Cylinders From Greenco/Duramaster?

Our reputation here at Greenco/Duramaster expands over 45 years of knowledge and expertise. We have always used the finest Quality Materials for our pnuematic cylinders such as aluminum 6061 precision machined components and name brand Parker seals. Don't be fooled by other pnuematic cylinders on the market that have inferior components and many parts or assembly that is done oversees. We are proud to manufacture all of our pnuematic cylinders here in Tampa, FL USA. We cater to a variety of customers all over the world which is why we have "played" on the word pnuematic versus pneumatic cylinders. Many of our foreign customers use the spelling of pnuematic cylinders and we capture that audience. We appreciate all customer's business whether in the USA or abroad and we hope to keep supplying you with quality pnuematic cylinders for many years to come.

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Cable-Trol and Trac Trol Continue to Amaze with Reputation for Longevity Year After Year!

For those of you out there who are engineers, or who work with engineers, it’s time for some frank talk about getting back to the basics. The best-engineered solution to a problem is not the most expensive solution, or the most complicated or the most loaded with technology and electronics. It is the solution that works, and keeps working, at a reasonable cost. Sometimes this is called the “most elegant” solution. This is the reason the “Rube Goldberg device” has been subjected to universal ridicule.

So, are you getting a little tired of the snake-oil salesmen who tell you that you need to select a linear actuator from a bewildering array of finicky high-tech products? Are you frustrated by the struggle to keep some of those products working in difficult environments, or by the difficulty in repairing and maintaining them?

Fortunately, there are a number of applications for which a “most elegant” solution is available. Greenco’s Cable-Trol and Trac-Trol products can provide a space-efficient method for powering moving parts on machinery or other equipment. They are simple in design, yet versatile--they can even turn corners! Greenco Engineer Bill Pinciaro says he has been able to help countless engineers over the years find a solution to many design problems that successfully incorporate one of these products. “Don’t hesitate to give me a call or send me an email to go over your needs. It may seem like a unique situation, but it is probably something we have encountered before and can help you find something that works.”

Best and “most elegant” of all, the Cable-Trol and Trac-Trol cylinders are much more cost-effective than many of the “high-tech” alternatives and are easier to maintain and repair, even in the field. One of the most exceptional features of the Cable-Trol and Trac-Trol products is their longevity. Inside Sales Assistant Monica Van Keuren recently remarked on two customers who had returned units for refurbishing—the units had in each case been in use for over 30 years. Monica indicates that “the units were a little scuffed and discolored after all those years, but there was nothing major wrong with them after all that time. These were happy customers who wanted the same unit back for continued faithful service!”

When your application allows you to use a “most elegant” solution, we recommend that you do! The Cable Trol and Trac-Trol offer the OEM an opportunity to lower costs and provide superior performance.

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What can you do with pneumatic and hydraulic actuators

What are cylinders used for?

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