What Is A Trac-Trol® Guided Cylinder?

The Trac-Trol® is a guided cylinder, unlike the Cable-Trol® which is unguided. The trolley on the Trac-Trol® incorporates four linear bearings which ride on two guide rods. The trolley itself is therefore guided and supported by the guide rods. For longer stroke lengths, optional rod supports can be incorporated to maintain maximum load capacity regardless of stroke length. Those guided cylinder models are called supported Trac-Trols® because they include the rod supports. Unsupported Trac-Trols do not include the rod supports, but have the advantage that the bearings in the trolley completely encircle the guide rods. The bearings in the trolley of a supported guided cylinder do not completely encircle the guide rods, because they have to be able to pass over the rod supports. For both supported and unsupported models, load weights can be mounted directly to the Trac-Trol trolley without any other guides or supports. The load weights can even be above or off to the side of the trolley, provided the appropriate guided cylinder size is chosen based on the load weight.

Benefits to our Trac-Trol Guided Cylinder:

  • Strokes up to 24 feet
  • Supported or unsupported guided cylinder arrangements are both available
  • Two bearing options: Re-circulating ball bearings on hardened ground shafts are standard, self-lubricating or thermoplastic bearings on stainless steel shafts are optional
  • Internal adjustable cushions are standard, external shock absorbers are optional
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