Greenco Quality Construction

Quality In A Greenco Rodless Cylinder

See The Difference In Our Air Actuator and Cable Cylinder Line!

1. Quality Pneumatic Cushioning

The fully adjustable cushioning brings the piston to a gentle stop at the end of each stroke. Rate of deceleration is controlled by a self-locking needle adjustment valve. Models 07 and 10 have fixed cushioning.

2. Fast Breakaway

Fast breakaway with quality pneumatic cushioning. A flexible polyurethane cushion seal allows faster break-away on models 15 - 50.

3. Exclusive Precision Block

Exclusive precision block provides the strongest possible bridge between sheave bracket and tube. N.F.P.A. specifications for foot, flange or tapped hole mounting.

4. High Strength Aluminum Air Piston

Low friction aluminum piston has greater impact strength than ordinary cast iron type. Provides excellent wearing and corrosion resistant qualities. Each air piston is precision machined, polished and securely fastened to the cable.

5. Precision Cylinder Tube

Standard in hard-coated aluminum. Also available in steel with painted exterior or plated steel providing rugged strength, low friction and corrosion resistance.

6. Nylon Coated Steel Cables

An aircraft-type steel cable replaces the piston rod. A nylon coating acts as a smooth sealing surface. Cylinder always "pulls" the load through tension on the cable.

7. Precision Sheaves

These guide the cable through the seal in accurate alignment. The precision sheaves also protect the cable coating for longer seal-cable life. Exclusive symmetrical bolt-on construction allows the sheave to be located in any of four positions (90 degree apart) with respect to the mounting.

8. Factory-Lubricated Needle Bearings

Precision, pre-lubricated needle bearings can be repacked in the field.

9. Equal Force in Both Directions

Since the cable area is relatively small the "push" and "pull" forces and volume displacement are approximately equal for either single or double ended styles.

10. Space Saving Cylinder - Reduced Unit Weight

The length of a cable cylinder is little more than half that of a conventional rod cylinder with pneumatic piston. Length is always constant, providing the designer with new freedom of arrangement. There is no extended or retracted length. the extra weight of the piston rod is also eliminated by using cable cylinders.