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Rodless Cable Cylinders

CABLE-TROL® cylinders provide the same stroke as conventional cylinders with about 50% SPACE SAVINGS. As the piston is pushed in one direction, the load is pulled in the opposite direction, within the length of the cylinder.


Guided Cable Cylinders

Trac-Trol® is a guided cylinder with linear motion control and is ideal when an application requires a load bearing system to be self guided and self supported.


Short Stroke Linear Actuators

POWR-TUBE® provides a unique construction of a non-removable end fitting bonded to a tube (up to almost 100 ft. length) to give a leak proof, long-lasting, low-cost, short-stroke linear actuator.

For Over 45 Years...

Greenco is a leading manufacturer of various quality pneumatic linear actuator product lines. We offer a wide variety of pneumatic air cylinder designs including rodless cylinders, guided cylinders, tie rod cylinders and air oil tanks for all kinds of industrial applications. We are known for manufacturing HIGH QUALITY, long lasting designs that stand the test of time!

Greenco offers two space saving cylinder designs, Cable-Trol® and Trac-Trol®. Both cable cylinder designs provide the same stroke as conventional rod cylinders with pneumatic pistons but are approximately 50% SPACE SAVINGS. Our inflatable bladder or short stroke actuator called Powr-Tubes® can provide high forces over both short and long distances.

At Greenco, we take pride in the fact that all of our products are MADE IN THE USA. In addition, we are ISO 9001:2015 certified (Certification No. 50471494). Customer satisfaction is our priority and we are committed to continuous improvement of services and products.

Made in the USA & ISO certified

Buy from a company with a quality orientation and a passion for innovation.

The Greenco Difference

Trac-Trol® glides on close-tolerance recirculating ball bearings, completely separated from piston and cable seals. When loaded, there is still no effect on the sealing mechanism.With band type cylinders, hydraulic service is not possible. Must seal the entire length of extrusion.
Trac-Trol® and Cable-Trol® have a superior sealing mechansism which allows hydraulic service for very smooth, long-life performance.With band type cylinders, hydraulic service is not possible. Must seal the entire length of extrusion.
Trac-Trol® and Cable-Trol® seal through two nylon covered aircraft type steel cables held to ±.004 on the O.D., many times stronger than the load carried. Band type cylinders must seal the entire length of the tube, exposing much more surface to air loss and contamination problems.
Trac-Trol® has low cost cable and rod wipers available, and Cable-Trol® has low cost cable wipers available for extremely contaminated areas.Not available on band type cylinders. Real problems in contaminated areas.
Trac-Trol® and Cable-Trol® are available in 7 bore sizes.Limited range of bore sizes.
Trac-Trol® and Cable-Trol® have extruded headcaps with mounting tabs conveniently located on either side. This provides the most accessible mounting style.Innaccessible and awkward mounting styles.

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