How do you search the internet for a pneumatic linear actuator?

Everyone seems to use different words or key phrases when searching the internet for products and services. For example, do you say Tomato or Tomatoe? Range of terminology, using singular versus plural, location throughout the world and ethnicity all play an important part in how you search on the internet. Here at Greenco Mfg Corp/Duramaster Cylinders, we hope to gain your trusted business by including variations of key phrases to insure we catch your eye! Here are just a few of the phrases that you may recognize. We look forward to working with you on your next pneumatic cylinder design or application.

air actuator

air cylinder

air actuators

air cylinders

air oil tank

air over oil tank

air oil tanks

air oil cylinders

air over hydraulic cylinder

air over oil cylinders

air piston

pneumatic pistons

cable cylinder

rodless cylinder

cylinder rod ends

air cylinder parts

double ended cylinder

double acting pneumatic cylinder

guided cylinder

pneumatic linear actuator

linear actuator

pneumatic cylinder actuator

linear motion control

pneumatic cylinder design

NFPA air cylinder

NFPA cylinder

pneumatic air cylinder

pneumatic air cylinders

pneumatic cylinder

pneumatic actuator



reed switch cylinder

proximity switch cylinder

short stroke actuator

inflatable bladder

short stroke actuators

inflatable bladders

small pneumatic cylinder

space saving cylinder

tie rod cylinder

tie rod air cylinder

tie rod cylinders

tie rod pneumatic cylinders

air piston cylinder

rodless cylinders

air/oil tank

air/oil tanks

linear pneumatic actuator

long stroke pneumatic cylinders

NFPA air cylinders

NFPA cylinders

single acting air cylinder

double acting air cylinder

single acting cylinder

single acting pneumatic cylinder

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