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Why Choose A Greenco or Duramaster Air Cylinder?

Greenco Mfg/Duramaster Cylinders was founded in 1970 and has been continuously engaged in the design and manufacture of quality industrial pneumatic products for over 45 years.

Greenco/Duramaster consists of several related divisions that make use of a common manufacturing facility, machine shop and corporate headquarters, all based in Tampa, FL.

Greenco manufactures pneumatic (air) cable cylinders. The cable cylinder is a mechanical device that uses the power of compressed air or hydraulic fluid to produce linear motion. Unlike a conventional cylinder, which makes use of a rod extending from the cylinder, the cable cylinder is a specialty product that moves a load on a coated steel cable that extends the length of the cylinder.

At Duramaster Cylinders, we believe that a high quality cylinder can make all the difference at an economical price. That is why we are known for manufacturing high quality, long lasting designs that stand the test of time. We know that there are many brands of rod cylinders to choose from, but they are not all created equal. For example, it is standard on our NFPA rod cylinders to provide the long-style 660 bronze bushing which provides maximum wear resistance for increased durability and lowest friction. Some other manufacturers use ductile iron or even plastic bushings. Another high quality standard, our NFPA cylinders include graphite impregnated wear bands and extra wide pistons for added support. Some manufacturers do not include wear bands. Another unique quality, our headcaps are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum for high strength, low weight, and then black anodized to resist corrosion and oxidation. Other manufacturers use die cast heads, which can have low strength issues, and porosity problems. Our bushing retainer plate is removable with standard allen wrenches (hex keys). This allows the bushing to be replaced easily, without disassembling the cylinder. Some manufacturers retain their bushing with snap rings, or do not have removable bushings at all. Our Full Duramount™ series provides internal tie rod nuts for maximum space savings and interchangeability of mounting styles. Other manufacturers have exposed tie rod nuts which can create space problems, and can prevent interchanging mounts.

Duramaster’s product line offers a variety of NFPA rod cylinders including NFPA interchangeable tie rod cylinders, NFPA round pneumatic air cylinders and also a complete line of double-acting pneumatic cylinders. Our air-over-oil cylinders create smooth, predictable motion by converting pneumatic pressure into hydraulic pressure. At Duramaster, we take pride in the fact that all of our products are MADE IN THE USA. In addition, we are ISO 9001:2008 certified (Certification No. 50471494). Customer satisfaction is our priority and we are committed to continuous improvement of services and products. If you are looking for a high quality cylinder, contact Duramaster Cylinders today 813-882-0040.

Posted on 07/27/2016 by Greenco/Duramaster

Quality USA Made Air Actuators!

Cable Cylinders & NFPA Rod Cylinders

We are proud to have been serving you for over 45 years with top of the line air actuators. Our customer service personnel are constantly amazed at the longevity of the Greenco cable cylinders and Duramaster NFPA cylinders. Our distributors call practically every day with an old serial number, as far back as 1983, that the end user wants to buy a repair kit for their cylinder. Our pneumatic linear actuators are like the Energizer Bunny, they just keep going, and going and going.

It is good to hear fresh new voices on the phone. Glad to hear that some of our distributors are hiring new employees. We are equally pleased that some of our veteran distributors are reordering some of their standard cylinders. Due to our new computer system, we can easily search for old serial numbers and model numbers going back to 2003. Anything before that, we can still look up the serial number by hand. Remember, we need the complete model number and/or serial number when you are ordering repair kits and parts. If you are befuddled with an old cylinder and the serial number label has been worn away, just take a photo of it and email it to us at Our engineers can usually figure out the model number by just looking at it.

Do you have a machine down? problem! We offer an expedited service with a fee. Just give us a call to help expedite your order. Our personnel has been here for a long time, with plenty of experience, and ready to assist you with your needs.

Posted on 05/08/2015 by Greenco/Duramaster

Made in the Good Old USA!

In 1970, manufacturing's share of U.S. gross domestic product was 22.7% but it was just11.9% in 2012. Yikes! Currently, 12 million Americans are employed in manufacturing - down from 17 million just 20 years ago. This long-term decline has continued over the last decade as well. The U.S. accounted for 11% of global exports of manufactured goods in 2011, down from 19% in 2000. (These statistics are from recent reports in the Wall Street Journal.)

I don’t know about you, but these statistics are disheartening for us at Greenco.

Yet, in the past couple of years, we have been encouraged by a number of stories of American industry "re-shoring" operations back in the United States. In June of 2013, for example, a Wall Street Journal feature entitled "Revolution in the Making" referred to the prospect of "an American industrial renaissance," and claimed that 48% of large manufacturers planned to return production to the U.S. from offshore. In August, the Wall Street Journal reported that the re-shoring of production from China to the U.S. appeared to be underway and that this could create 2.5 million to 5 million American factory and service jobs associated with manufacturing by 2020.

OK, that’s more like it!

We have been stateside since our inception. We never outsourced overseas. Why? Because we think on a human scale at Greenco – we want to employ Americans and encourage their bond with the company. We haven’t laid anyone off since 2002, despite harrowing economic conditions sometimes. For us it’s all about loyalty and friendship and affiliation – something very hard to achieve with impersonal vendor relationships overseas. So we keep business simple and true to our beliefs: When it’s made in the USA, we’ll make it in the USA!

Posted on 09/24/2014 by Greenco Cylinders