Greenco/Duramaster Donates Cylinders to Help the Students of the College of Central Florida

Pneumatic and Hydraulic Cylinders At Its Best!

On behalf of the National Fluid Power Association (NFPA), Greenco Corporation happily donated a number of different types of pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders to the students of the College of Central Florida in Ocala, Florida. The donated cylinders will be used in fluid power courses, starting this semester. "We will be connecting these cylinders this semester and wiring in the reed switches that came with one of the cylinders. That will actually be used in the motor controls and PLC course work as well. So the donation was actually more valuable than just for fluid powers courses," said Sam Ajlani, their Program Director of Engineering Technology. "We have some interesting plans moving forward…..Hopefully some conveyors are being donated so we can tie in the air cylinders to move, transfer, and pick various widgets on the conveyor." He continued, "Having the reed switches on the cylinder was great!"

Posted on 02/08/2018 by Greenco/Duramaster

What Is A Pneumatic System vs. Hydraulic?

A pneumatic system operates under the same principles as a hydraulic system, however a pneumatic system utilizes a gas rather than a liquid. Compressed air is generally used, although nitrogen or other inert gasses can also be utilized for certain applications. With pneumatics, free air is typically drawn into a compressor where it is compressed and then stored in a receiving tank. The receiver holds a vast volume of compressed air to be consumed by the pneumatics framework as required. Environmental air contains airborne particles, water vapor, and various other contaminants, so filters and air dryers are regularly utilized as a part of a pneumatics framework to keep compressed air clean and dry. This enhances the dependability and service life of the various components of the pneumatic system. A pneumatic framework also utilizes an assortment of valves and regulators for controlling direction, pressure, and speed of actuators.

Posted on 07/21/2017 by Greenco/Duramaster

Choices Between Greenco and Duramaster Cylinders

When To Choose A Cable Cylinder vs. A Rod Cylinder!

When choosing a pneumatic or hydraulic actuator, it may not always be obvious at first whether to utilize a Rod Cylinder or a rodless Cable Cylinder. We were recently made aware of a manufacturer of an articulated lift which was at first designed around one type of cylinder, and then subsequently improved upon by changing it over to a different type of cylinder.

When a particular application presents itself, usually the goal is to either move something horizontally, or raise and lower it vertically. Sometimes the solution even requires a combination of motion in multiple directions. When a designer begins to consider the approach that they intend to take, in order to obtain the desired end result, they usually start with the mechanical arrangement that they intend to use, and then build upon that concept. They might start by imagining a rod cylinder performing the task, and once the design begins to take shape, they might never even consider how it might have turned out differently if a rodless cable cylinder had been chosen instead. Or they might start with a design in which a rodless cable cylinder is to perform the task at hand, and then perhaps never consider how a rod cylinder might have performed instead.

Posted on 05/15/2017 by Greenco/Duramaster

Case Study Of Greenco Cable Cylinder Returned Under Warranty For Evaluation

What at first appeared to be a cable tensioning issue, turned out to be an alignment issue in the application!

Greenco issued a return authorization for a rodless cable cylinder which was under warranty, and was reportedly leaking air at the cable seal. Upon receipt of the cable cylinder, the first thing we noticed is that the nylon jacket on the cables was noticeably worn down one side. Our initial thoughts were that the customer might not have tensioned the cables properly after installation, and that the lack of tension might have caused the cables to rub against the pilot washers, wearing out one side of the coating on the cables. This would result in a leak at the cable seal because the cable seal would not be able to seal against the severely damaged cable coating. Upon disassembly we did find that the cable seals were very loose fitting over the severely worn cables. This all seemed consistent with the hypothesis that the customer might not have tensioned the cables properly after installation.

Posted on 03/08/2017 by Greenco/Duramaster

Take A Ride On Pneumatic Air Cylinders In Virtual Reality!

Just when you think of it all, pneumatic air cylinders finds it way into virtual reality. According to Hydraulics and Pneumatics, there are new ideas integrating pneumatic air cylinders with the gaming world Article from Hydraulics and Pneuamtics.

Posted on 02/03/2017 by Greenco/Duramaster


Have You Seen Our Newly Revamped Rod Cylinder Catalog?

We are excited to present our new Duramaster NFPA product line catalog for 2016. For over 45 years, we have built a reputation for high quality NFPA tie rod cylinders, round cylinders, air over oil tanks and more. In revitalizing our catalog, we have also updated our pricing pages. Rest assured this was NOT a price increase on our NFPA cylinders and only a couple of accessory items had incurred a price increase. Our company has been absorbing this additional cost from suppliers over the last couple of years. We’ve taken a hard look at our costs and believe we have maintained some of the best pricing available for top of the line NFPA cylinders.

Posted on 10/05/2016 by Greenco/Duramaster

Made In USA Quality That Makes A Difference!

Why Choose A Greenco or Duramaster Air Cylinder?

Greenco Mfg/Duramaster Cylinders was founded in 1970 and has been continuously engaged in the design and manufacture of quality industrial pneumatic products for over 45 years.

Greenco/Duramaster consists of several related divisions that make use of a common manufacturing facility, machine shop and corporate headquarters, all based in Tampa, FL.

Greenco manufactures pneumatic (air) cable cylinders. The cable cylinder is a mechanical device that uses the power of compressed air or hydraulic fluid to produce linear motion. Unlike a conventional cylinder, which makes use of a rod extending from the cylinder, the cable cylinder is a specialty product that moves a load on a coated steel cable that extends the length of the cylinder.

At Duramaster Cylinders, we believe that a high quality cylinder can make all the difference at an economical price. That is why we are known for manufacturing high quality, long lasting designs that stand the test of time. We know that there are many brands of rod cylinders to choose from, but they are not all created equal. For example, it is standard on our NFPA rod cylinders to provide the long-style 660 bronze bushing which provides maximum wear resistance for increased durability and lowest friction. Some other manufacturers use ductile iron or even plastic bushings. Another high quality standard, our NFPA cylinders include graphite impregnated wear bands and extra wide pistons for added support. Some manufacturers do not include wear bands.

Posted on 07/27/2016 by Greenco/Duramaster

Come Visit The Leaders Of Cable Cylinders and NFPA Cylinders At Chicago's Pack Expo 2016

We have successfully proven our products time and time again with quality, long lasting cable cylinders and NFPA cylinders that last for many years past our competitors. We will proudly be displaying our top of the line products in the upcoming Pack Expo in Chicago Nov 6th - Nov 9th. Greenco/Duramaster will have a variety of products on display such as rodless cable cylinders, guided cylinders, NFPA rod cylinders, air over oil tanks and more. We look forward to seeing you at the Pack Expo, stop by our booth #E8948 for a hands on demonstration!

Posted on 03/21/2016 by Greenco/Duramaster

Why Choose Quality Pnuematic Cylinders From Greenco/Duramaster?

Our reputation here at Greenco/Duramaster expands over 45 years of knowledge and expertise. We have always used the finest Quality Materials for our pnuematic cylinders such as aluminum 6061 precision machined components and name brand Parker seals. Don't be fooled by other pnuematic cylinders on the market that have inferior components and many parts or assembly that is done oversees. We are proud to manufacture all of our pnuematic cylinders here in Tampa, FL USA. We cater to a variety of customers all over the world which is why we have "played" on the word pnuematic versus pneumatic cylinders. Many of our foreign customers use the spelling of pnuematic cylinders and we capture that audience. We appreciate all customer's business whether in the USA or abroad and we hope to keep supplying you with quality pnuematic cylinders for many years to come.

Posted on 11/13/2015 by Greenco/Duramaster

Happy Halloween From The Leaders In Rodless Air Cylinders!

Here at Greenco Mfg, there are no tricks only treats from us to you. All throughout the year we strive to be the best at manufacturing rodless air cylinders and providing our valued customers quality pnuematic cylinders they can rely on time after time. Being in the business for over 45 years, gives us great advantage and knowledge in the industry. Rodless air cylinders can be a dime a dozen but not with our brand of pnuematic cylinders. We still have rodless air cylinders in operation after 30 years, now that is a treat!

Posted on 10/30/2015 by Greenco/Duramaster

Packaging Hotline Magazine Features The Duramaster Product Line And NFPA Cylinders For November 2015!

Duramaster NFPA cylinders are proud to be featured on the front page of Packaging Hotline Magazine in the November 2015 issue Packaging Hotline. We have seen a steady increase in the amount of usage in our NFPA Cylinders throughout the packaging industry. When manufacturers see the difference in Duramaster NFPA cylinders versus our competitors quality, hands down they choose a Duramaster cylinder. Our units stand the test of time and reduce down time in the field. With key features such as over sized bronze bushings, Parker name brand seals and aluminum 6061 precision machined USA made components, it is no wonder our NFPA cylinders are the preferred choice in any industry.

Posted on 10/14/2015 by Greenco/Duramaster

What Is A Trac-Trol® Guided Cylinder?

The Trac-Trol® is a guided cylinder, unlike the Cable-Trol® which is unguided. The trolley on the Trac-Trol® incorporates four linear bearings which ride on two guide rods. The trolley itself is therefore guided and supported by the guide rods. For longer stroke lengths, optional rod supports can be incorporated to maintain maximum load capacity regardless of stroke length. Those guided cylinder models are called supported Trac-Trols® because they include the rod supports. Unsupported Trac-Trols do not include the rod supports, but have the advantage that the bearings in the trolley completely encircle the guide rods. The bearings in the trolley of a supported guided cylinder do not completely encircle the guide rods, because they have to be able to pass over the rod supports. For both supported and unsupported models, load weights can be mounted directly to the Trac-Trol trolley without any other guides or supports. The load weights can even be above or off to the side of the trolley, provided the appropriate guided cylinder size is chosen based on the load weight.

Posted on 09/24/2015 by Greenco/Duramaster

Pnuematic Cylinders vs Hydraulic Cylinders, Which To Choose?

The choice of whether to run our pnuematic cylinders hydraulically or pnuematically depends on the application. The operation of pnuematic cylinders tends to allow for faster motion, whereas hydraulic operation tends to allow for a very smooth and consistent motion, albeit at somewhat slower speeds. The service of pnuematic cylinders also has the advantage that in the event of a leak developing somewhere, only air would be escaping, (no liquid accumulates at the site of the leak as it does with hydraulic service). Periodic maintenance is also easier to perform on pnuematic cylinders, because they can easily be moved from the application to a work bench, without having to drain any hydraulic fluid.

Posted on 09/11/2015 by Greenco/Duramaster

How Do You Size Hydraulic and Pneumatic NFPA Cylinders?

Why Should You Choose Duramaster NFPA Cylinders?

When sizing hydraulic and pneumatic NFPA cylinders, it is fairly straightforward to calculate how much force an air cylinder of a particular bore size will produce. Just multiply the effective area of the piston (in square inches) by the supply pressure (in pounds per square inch) and the result will be the force output of the cylinder (in pounds of force). The effective area of the piston can be obtained from our catalog, where we also provide pre-calculated forces for common supply pressures.

Posted on 09/04/2015 by Greenco/Duramaster

Have You Spoken To Ann Regarding A Cable Cylinder?

Although Ann Is Retiring, Our Cable Cylinder Will Live On!!!

A Greenco cable cylinder can stand the test of time and longevity can be 30+ years in some cases. Many of you know Ann Boyce in customer service and know that her knowledge of our Cable Cylinder product line is extensive. Ann has been a wealth of knowledge, displays expert detail and is a true gem in regards to our cable cylinder and guided cylinder products. After almost 20 years, she will be retiring from the Greenco/Duramaster family on September 11, 2015. We recently had a retirement party for her to celebrate and wish her the best. Even at her party, Ann stated how proud she was to have worked for a cable cylinder manufacturer, as great as Greenco! Ann, you will truly be missed!!!!

Posted on 08/28/2015 by Greenco/Duramaster

What Applications Use Cable Cylinders?

You name it, Greenco cable cylinders are in it! Cable cylinders can be used in a variety of applications from loading production lines at tire manufacturers, door making machinery and opening/closing doors at major theme parks. Our Cable-Trol® cable cylinders can also be designed for wash down applications such as moving sprayers within car washes and milk processing plants. We offer a variety of accessories and options including reed switches, low friction seals, cable wipers and different mounting options to fit your needs.

Posted on 08/13/2015 by Greenco/Duramaster

Want A Top Of The Line NFPA Cylinder?

Look No Further With Duramaster Cylinders!

There are many NFPA cylinder manufacturers that produce the same cylinder, with the same technical specs....however there can be many differences in the materials that each of the NFPA cylinder manufacturers use in their product. Whether made in the USA or especially product coming from overseas, know that there are many companies that use inferior raw materials and they are not the quality that would stand the test of time. Here at Duramaster Cylinders, we use nothing but the best materials to provide you with a top of the line NFPA cylinder that will out last our competitors hand downs. What stands us apart from others in the NFPA cylinder world? See why Duramaster NFPA Cylinders. We look forward to working with you on your next cylinder application.

Posted on 08/07/2015 by Greenco/Duramaster

Happy 4th of July!!!!

From our family to yours, we wish you a Safe and Happy 4th of July! We hope your weekend is filled with fun and celebration. Thank you to all of our distributors and customers for their continued support throughout the year! We appreciate you helping us to be leaders in the rodless cylinder and NFPA cylinder, pneumatic cylinder designs. Here are some fun filled facts about Independence Day......

  • Happy 2nd of July?! Author Kenneth C. Davis has revealed that the 2nd of July may actually be the more appropriate date to mark the nation's special day. "The fact is that John Adams wrote home to Abigail on the 3rd that this day, July 2nd will go down in history," Davis said during an appearance on "CBS This Morning." "We'll celebrate it with parades and pomp and bells ringing and fireworks, and it was because Congress actually ruled it in favor of independence on July 2. But it was two days later, of course, that Congress then accepted Jefferson's declaration, explaining the vote two days before that really got fixed in the America's imagination as our birthday. July 2nd should be Independence Day."
Posted on 07/02/2015 by Greenco/Duramaster

How do you search the internet for a pneumatic linear actuator?

Everyone seems to use different words or key phrases when searching the internet for products and services. For example, do you say Tomato or Tomatoe? Range of terminology, using singular versus plural, location throughout the world and ethnicity all play an important part in how you search on the internet. Here at Greenco Mfg Corp/Duramaster Cylinders, we hope to gain your trusted business by including variations of key phrases to insure we catch your eye! Here are just a few of the phrases that you may recognize. We look forward to working with you on your next pneumatic cylinder design or application.

Posted on 06/17/2015 by Greenco/Duramaster

Duramaster - A Pneumatic Cylinder Actuator You Can Trust!

How has Duramaster been making quality NFPA rod cylinders for over 45 years? Simple, with the best materials possible! We strive to provide our customers with superior NFPA pneumatic cylinders that will stand the test of time. Some manufacturers may have NFPA dimensional standards but the materials they use are quite inferior and in the long run, not the quality you want. You can see the difference in this infographic, comparing our NFPA rod cylinders versus our competitors.

Posted on 05/26/2015 by Greenco/Duramaster

Quality USA Made Cable Cylinders & NFPA Rod Cylinders

We are proud to have been serving you for over 45 years with top of the line air actuators. Our customer service personnel are constantly amazed at the longevity of the Greenco cable cylinders and Duramaster NFPA cylinders. Our distributors call practically every day with an old serial number, as far back as 1983, that the end user wants to buy a repair kit for their cylinder. Our pneumatic linear actuators are like the Energizer Bunny, they just keep going, and going and going.

It is good to hear fresh new voices on the phone. Glad to hear that some of our distributors are hiring new employees. We are equally pleased that some of our veteran distributors are reordering some of their standard cylinders.

Posted on 05/08/2015 by Greenco/Duramaster

Greenco Celebrates Its 45th Anniversary

Greenco is celebrating its 45th anniversary this year. We are proud of our tradition of offering fine products made right here in the United States in our own facility, and proud of the dedication and loyalty of the many fine employees who machine them, assemble them, sell them, and those who watch all the details that go along with those activities.

Posted on 03/10/2015 by Greenco/Duramaster

Application of a Duramaster NFPA Rod Cylinder on a Manipulator

The material handling industry is constantly developing end effectors and manipulators for gripping, lifting and rotating equipment.

Duramaster NFPA Rod cylinders can do the job with such options as pivot mounting and low friction service. If the rod cylinder will be used for opening and closing a gripper, low friction service is probably not required.

Posted on 02/12/2015 by Greenco/Duramaster

Cable-Trol and Trac Trol Continue to Amaze with Reputation for Longevity Year After Year!

For those of you out there who are engineers, or who work with engineers, it’s time for some frank talk about getting back to the basics. The best-engineered solution to a problem is not the most expensive solution, or the most complicated or the most loaded with technology and electronics. It is the solution that works, and keeps working, at a reasonable cost. Sometimes this is called the “most elegant” solution. This is the reason the “Rube Goldberg device” has been subjected to universal ridicule.

Posted on 01/30/2015 by Greenco/Duramaster

2014 Year in Review Part 2 "PACK EXPO"

We attended our first Pack Expo in November 2014 and it was a huge success. We had a lot of interest and have great opportunity with our Greenco and Duramaster products within the packaging industry. We met many new contacts and look forward to building these new business relationships.

Posted on 01/16/2015 by Greenco/Duramaster

2014 Year in Review

In looking back at 2014, we had another successful year in all divisions. We had a wonderful Christmas party with all of our Greenco/Duramaster/Tri-Motion/Load Halt family and .......

Posted on 01/12/2015 by Greenco/Duramaster

What are cylinders used for?

Check out our new infographic

Posted on 12/23/2014 by Greenco/Duramaster

Duramaster Bucks the “Throw-Away Mentality”

How many times have you lamented the trend toward ever more short-cuts and ever-shorter product life for both consumer and industrial products? Sadly, too many of us have resigned ourselves to this. We buy products knowing they will fail in a short time, but feel we have no alternative, at least not at a reasonable cost.

Well, at Greenco’s Duramaster Division, we continue to believe in an uncompromising adherence to product quality, and we are happy to be the “Maytag repairmen” of our industry.

Posted on 12/04/2014 by Greenco/Duramaster

Happy Thanksgiving

From Your Greenco and Duramaster Family!

We have just one simple message, and that is Thank You!

As the holiday season approaches and the team at Greenco/Duramaster looks back over the year, we wanted to send a heartfelt message of our gratitude for your business over this past year. Our team values your business and we look forward to serving you in the year ahead.

Posted on 11/25/2014 by Greenco/Duramaster

Greenco "Launches" Innovation

Unmanned Aircraft

We recently had a request for a Cable-Trol® which would be capable of launching an unmanned aircraft! The unit had to have 40 feet of stroke, and had to be designed for maximum speeds, in the range of 60 miles per hour.

Posted on 11/17/2014 by Greenco

Made in the Good Old USA!

In 1970, manufacturing's share of U.S. gross domestic product was 22.7% but it was just11.9% in 2012. Yikes! Currently, 12 million Americans are employed in manufacturing - down from 17 million just 20 years ago.

Posted on 09/24/2014 by Greenco Cylinders