Greenco Celebrates Its 45th Anniversary

Greenco is celebrating its 45th anniversary this year. We are proud of our tradition of offering fine products made right here in the United States in our own facility, and proud of the dedication and loyalty of the many fine employees who machine them, assemble them, sell them, and those who watch all the details that go along with those activities.

American manufacturing has had its ups and downs over the years, and much American manufacturing capacity has moved off shore over the past 25 years. Recently, there appears to be a new interest in “re-shoring” manufacturing operations here in the U.S., and it remains to be seen how much this will actually happen. We think there are many good reasons for maintaining strong U.S manufacturing and we are glad we never left.

We owe our success to all of you, our key distributors and customers who have continued to work hard to promote our products during good times and bad. Thanks for all that you do!

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